UK  Nov 07
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Wyevale lays down the Ten Commandments

Wyevale has published a consultation document, People, Plants and the Planet, that contains its ‘Ten Commandments’, which lays out in detail how it will work in partnership with its suppliers, consumer organisations and other interested parties, to deliver its commitment to continue the current progress towards making the Wyevale business carbon neutral by 2010.

The document will be published in the spring, 12 months after Wyevale’s successful PR campaign about the phasing out of patio heaters.

Last April, Wyevale decided to reduce the sale of peat to 10% of volume by 2009.

The Ten Commandments:

-Towards peat-free gardening It is time to make alternatives work. Peat Harvesting destroys peat bogs and has a high carbon footprint.
-Encourage carbon positive gardening by stocking products that make a positive contribution
-Ensuring our supply chain benefits everyone wherever Wyevale products come from it wants to make sure everyone in the supply chain is better off
-Rediscover the local community especially in decisions about employment, sourcing and investment
-Connecting with the source of our food Fresh, seasonal food grown close to home has a low environment impact. It would be even better if customers grow their own.
-Working with nature Every garden can harbour nature.
-Protecting endangered forests Timber products, if correctly sourced, can provide more jobs and value to local communities.
-Using less water Through advising customers and developing new products they can enjoy their gardens while minimising water use. Wyevale also wants to minimise use of water in the garden centres.
-Promoting personal well-being Gardens are somewhere to remove the stresses and strains on everyday life. Helping things to grow gives a sense of achievement and the enjoyment of gardening.
-Inspiring sustainable lifestyles Wyevale wants to use the expertise of other organisations to help drive sustainable development and inspire customers.

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