May 2009
Gardeners are Getting the Message: Peat-Free Sales Up 21% so far This Year

New research conducted by YouGOV commissioned by B&Q reveals that gardeners are getting the environmental message when it comes to working in their gardens. Sales of peat-free compost are up 21% so far this year at B&Q further underlining the research findings.

Nearly two-thirds of consumers with a garden or allotment claim to be considerate of the environment when gardening. Just over half (53 per cent) of the UK population said that they do not use peat in their garden. However only 16 per cent said they always look for peat-free compost.

However a quarter of gardeners say they are using less peat than two years ago versus just two per cent saying they use more.

Gardeners view of what "Peat-Free" means, show that the message is also getting across - 38 per cent of gardeners know that "Peat-free" means a compost that has been made without harming the environment by the extraction of peat from bogs. However a further 19 per cent think "Peat-Free" is merely a general multi-purpose compost (which would contain peat) and 26 per cent of gardeners don't know.

Matt Sexton, B&Q Director of Social Responsibility said, "Peat is a horticultural hot potato. We've been working with our suppliers to cut the use of peat in British gardens in a responsible way and are delighted that this latest research shows the message is getting across with over half of UK gardeners saying they do not use peat in their garden."

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