HTA News  July/Aug 07

Further meetings have now been held between growing media manufactures (via the Growing Media Assoc), major retailers, Defra, and NGOs (including the RSPB) which lobby on environmental issues.

The last meeting, which was held on 5 June, considered a draft scheme, to which retailers and suppliers could sign up. This scheme would require its members to commit to reducing their sale of peat, set targets for same, and define exactly how the reduction programme is to be implemented.

More work to be required to further develop the scheme, which will help the industry to work towards the Governmental target of 90 per cent peat reduction by 2010. This group continues to be the only forum that includes all the key stakeholders, and their support for the scheme is an encouraging sign for effectiveness in the future for tackling this same issue.

Horticultural Coir Ltd is an active member of the Growing Media Association of UK and the Horticultural Trades Association and The Commercial Horticulture Association.