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Quality Value Service

Our customers require coir pith (or “Coco Peat”) of constant high standards, often to their own unique specifications, delivered on time at a competitive price to their premises.

Drawing on considerable knowledge and experience we will

• Advise customers with regard to the options available including chemical and physical properties. We will present a proposal and where required we will help the customer to decide upon their requirements.

• We then select from one of our approved suppliers a suitable factory to produce the precise specification required by the customer and we will negotiate a favourable price. We agree a factory production schedule setting out clearly defined parameters.

• We are in constant communication with our approved suppliers and we monitor the quality control by frequent visits and by using independent laboratories to back up the in-house laboratories.

• We check that production and dispatch is proceeding according to schedule.

• If production or quality is not as scheduled we will take steps to ensure that the order is fulfilled on time – if necessary by sourcing the order from another approved factory.

• We arrange transport, shipping and delivery.

Child labour is still common in both Southern India and Sri Lanka. We will not deal with any factory using child labour.

Because the producers of the best quality coir are primarily in Southern India and Sri Lanka, many of the operational difficulties affecting these factories (monsoons, windy seasons, political and labour factors etc) are unfamiliar to the end users in other countries. Horticultural Coir Ltd has considerable experience and knowledge and saves its customers substantial time and money by ensuring consistent quality and reliable deliveries. We are committed to providing THE BEST QUALITY, THE BEST VALUE and THE BEST SERVICE.

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Company History

Convinced of the excellent results that could be obtained from using good quality coir as a growing medium and as a substitute or diluent for peat moss Tom de Vesci who comes from an Irish agricultural background set up HORTICULTURAL COIR LTD in the early 1990’s to supply the horticulture industry with coir of stringent specifications appropriate for the particular application required.

In the early 1980’s coir had acquired a poor reputation in the UK due to lack of quality controls by importers. Tom now travels many times each year to examine various factories and sources of supply in India and Sri Lanka where Horticultural Coir Ltd will insist on strict quality control and constant checks on consistency.

Horticultural Coir Ltd works closely with our selected suppliers to ensure that the in-house quality controls and laboratory practices are effective. We also use independent laboratories in UK to conduct routine checks on

    • pH
    • Electrical Conductivity
    • Bulk Density
    • Dry Matter
    • Chloride
    • Phosphorous
    • Potassium
    • Sodium
    • Trace Elements
    • And any form of contamination

Horticultural Coir also works closely with our customers world-wide, co-operating closely with peat based growing media companies to help them perfect peat-reduced and peat-free mixes that give outstanding results and to assist them in reaching targets for peat reduction.

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Unprocessed coir pith
Excellent results with Raspberry canes growing in our new product. (UK June 2008)
Visual quality check at factory
Unprocessed coir pith
Visual quality check at factory
Reviewing manufacturing procedure at one of our suppliers’ factories.
Visual quality check at factory
Visual quality check at factory in India.
Visual quality check at factory
  Trade Associations and laboratories  


The Commercial Horticultural Association which works in conjunction with the Ministry for Agriculture (DEFRA), UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and the International Agricultural Technology Centre (IATC) to promote horticultural goods and services  and represent members views to government and other policy making bodies

The Growing Media Association, a trade body which represents and manages the interests of all substrate producers in the UK and Ireland, acting as the principle consultee to all levels of Government, Government Agencies, regulatory bodies, industry groups and associations, stakeholder groups, press and public.

The Horticultural Trades Association, which represents over 2500 garden centres and other garden retail businesses, landscapes, growers and suppliers to the garden trade.

HORTICULTURAL COIR LTD uses a number of independent laboratories in North America, UK and India as an extra quality management tool to back up and verify in-house factory laboratory results.  The majority of our independent laboratory work is done by Natural Resource Management (NRM), established in 1990 following the disposal by ICI of their agricultural testing facilities in Berkshire, UK. The facilities and capability have expanded considerably and with the development of a new laboratory site in 2003, NRM employed over 60 staff with a proven record of providing fast, high quality analytical services (physical, chemical, spectroscopic and microbiological) to the majority of organisations operating in the land-based sectors throughout the UK.

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