About Coir-Pro

Horticultural Coir Ltd is Britain’s best-known specialist Coir supplier to the Horticultural Industry and has significantly helped to raise the profile of coir as an excellent Growing Media and an ideal substitute for Peat Moss. We now supply coir to agreed specifications to buyers in over 15 countries worldwide.


In addition to our customers in the growing media industry, we design and supply tailor-made unique coir products for customers in the hobby gardening retail market.


We also have an increasing business of coir supply to non-horticultural specifications for environmental applications including water filtration, sewage and wastewater treatment and erosion control. 

Value & Quality

We are constantly seeking to make improvements in both our service and products in order to guarantee VALUE & CONSISTENT QUALITY.

Our Team

Tom de Vesci MCIHort

Founder & Managing Director

Member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture. Special diploma, University of Oxford (UK). 20 years involvement in Cocopeat Industry

Dr Raúl Cabrera Graña

Partner, Technical and General Manager

Agricultural Engineer- Ph. D. in Agricultural Science. Specialist in soil and substrate management. More than 25 years in research and development in the agricultural sector.

Maribel Galán Torres

Partner and Technical Director

Biological Degree in Havana University. Specialist in Pest Control, and more than 25 years in the agricultural research sector.

Prabakaran Sivaraman

Partner and Director

Market and Commerce Degree in the University of VHNSN in Tamil Nadu, India. Specialist in Production Processes. More than 15 years in K. Sivaram Bros and GreeNeem iIn India.

Sundar Sivaraman

Partner and Director

Business Administration Degree in the University of VHNSN in Tamil Nadu, India. Specialist in marketing and product. More than 15 years in K. Sivaram Bros and GreeNeem In India.

Frankling Vinoth

Partner and Director

Mathematics Degree in the University of MS in Tamil Nadu, India. Specialist in Cocopeat production. More than 15 years in the Coir industry in India.

Company History

Quality Control

Horticultural Coir Ltd works closely with our selected suppliers to ensure that the in-house quality controls and laboratory practices are effective. We also use independent laboratories in UK to conduct routine checks on

• pH
• Electrical Conductivity
• Bulk Density
• Dry Matter
• Chloride
• Phosphorous
• Potassium
• Sodium
• Trace Elements
• And any form of contamination

Horticultural Coir also works closely with our customers worldwide, co-operating closely with peat-based growing media companies to help them perfect peat-reduced and peat-free mixes that give outstanding results and to assist them in reaching targets for peat reduction.