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Horticultural Coir Ltd is Britain’s best known specialist Coir supplier to the Horticultural Industry and has significantly helped to raise the profile of coir as an excellent Growing Media and ideal substitute for Peat Moss. We now supply coir to agreed specifications to buyers in over 15 countries world wide.

In addition to our customers in the growing media industry, we design and supply tailor-made unique coir products for customers in the hobby gardening retail market.

We also have an increasing business of coir supply to non-horticultural specifications for environmental applications.

We are constantly seeking to make improvements in both our service and products in order to guarantee VALUE & CONSISTENT QUALITY.

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650 grams coir briquettes awaiting packing
650 grams coir briquettes awaiting packing
Coir–Pro® quick-fill bags have proved an ideal media to produce excellent fruit crops in the UK.
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